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I have been working as an oil painter in Minneapolis MN for seven years.  Throughout the years, I have explored various subject matter, but what remains constant in my work is my intuitive process.  I like to begin a painting with only a loose plan in terms of subject matter and palette.  I let my intuition guide me with each layer of paint.  Many of my choices are poor ones, but i will often just leave it to dry and paint over it later.  I work on 3-4 paintings at a time so I always have one that is dry and workable.  The deleted layer that peeks through the new one is what makes the painting interesting in the end.  

Dark beauty is a reoccuring theme throughout my work.  Beauty is powerful, but it is also dramatic, bewildering, and cryptic.  Through my subject matter and my painting process, I look to emphasize the shadows of beauty and the mysteries that it holds.  I strive to capture the ambiguity within in an image, igniting its mystery with the use of layered paint, heavy shadows, and vertical bars.  

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